Allow an adolescent to have a voice and watch them develop their unique identity!

Adolescent Counseling

Every time I mention that I love working with adolescents, I often get this look as if I’ve chosen the wrong team.  But, in fact I experience quite the opposite.  There is something about working with adolescents that truly feels like a gift to me.  They are smart, witty, bold, and often eccentric.  They are also experiencing an intense period of identity development accompanied by ridiculously big emotions!  They yearn for and sometimes even DEMAND more autonomy while still desperately needing guidance.

As an adolescent it’s exhausting and you probably wish that your parents would just allow you to work through this time in your life without any interference.

As a parent, it’s exhausting and you probably wish your adolescent would just stop being so difficult and listen to your words of experience. 

So now that everyone’s exhausted, what comes next?

Well, often getting the perspective and guidance of someone outside of the situation is what this chaotic experience needs to inspire change!  I’ve spent over 14 years working with and really getting to know youth and their parents.  It’s not just about forming a connection, but also understanding that the experiences teenagers have are unique and only they can tell their story and hopefully play a role in their healing.  I work with adolescents with a variety of presenting concerns, including depression, anxiety, trauma, transgender and gender non-conforming youth, school difficulties, emotion dysregulation, self-harm, and parent-child difficulties.